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The Awards +Plus Programme
Questions, comments, feedback? You're in the right place. You can easily find answers to your questions by using the information and tools in this section. If you still need help, feel free to call our Contact Center at 111-786-786.
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I want to change the name I provided when I enrolled in the Awards +Plus Program. How can I do this?
To change your name, please send a photocopy of your Computerized National Identity Card (CNIC), Marriage Certificate (if married), or other supporting documents that carry your name, to the PIA Contact Center.

Emerald Tier members will be charged a fee of 300 A+ Miles for a change of name. Diamond and Sapphire members do not have to pay a fee for requesting a change of name. For more information, please contact the PIA Contact Center.
How can I update my profile?
It's easy to update your membership profile. Log in to the Awards +Plus Website by entering your Membership Number and Password in the My Account section. When you have successfully logged in, click on Change Profile, and make the required changes.

Alternatively, you can send a copy of your Awards +Plus Membership Card, a copy of your Computerized National Identity Card (CNIC), or a copy of your Passport to the PIA Contact Center. Please indicate the changes you would like to have made in your profile. International Members can e-mail requests to If you'd like to fax us your request, please send all all the above-mentioned documentation to the PIA Contact Center, via fax.
What if I've forgotten my password?
If you have forgotten your password, we'll help you get a new one. You can submit an online Password Request, e-mail us at or call the PIA Contact Center at 111-786-786.
As an Awards +Plus Member, am I entitled to the Kerb-side Check-in facility at airports?
Diamond Tier Members are eligible for the Kerb-side Check-In facility.
How can I become an Awards +Plus member?
You can join the Awards +Plus frequent flyer program by completing the Awards +Plus enrollment form. You can Become a Member online, or pick up an enrollment form from PIA Booking Offices, Check-In Desks at the airport, or aboard a PIA flight.
What happens after I have enrolled?
If you enroll through our website, you will be assigned a temporary number on the basis of which your Membership Number will be assigned.

If you have enrolled by completing the Awards +Plus enrollment form, a temporary card with your Membership Number will be given to you. After the information provided by you has been verified, you will be given a Password and a Personal Identification Number (PIN) for logging in to the Awards +Plus Website. You will need your PIN for redeeming A+ Miles online so ensure that you store the code safely.

Your permanent Membership Card will be delivered to the address provided on the form after your first travel or partner activity.
How can I activate my membership?
You can log in to the Awards +Plus website and activate your account by changing your pre-assigned password, or you can call us at 111-786-786 to activate your account.
Membership Tiers
How do I move up to the next Awards +Plus Membership Tier?
Emerald Tier Members will move up to the Sapphire Tier on accumulation within a calendar year, of either 30,000 A+ Miles (Base + Class of Service) or 25 trips. Sapphire Tier Members will move up to the Diamond Tier on accumulation within a calendar year, of either 70,000 A+ Miles (Base + Class of Service) or 50 trips.
How do I maintain my Awards +Plus Elite Tier status?
You need to make, within a calendar year, either 25 trips or earn 30,000 A+ Miles (Base + Class of Service) to maintain your Sapphire Tier Membership. To maintain your Diamond Tier status, you need to complete, within a calendar year, either 50 trips or earn 70,000 A+ Miles (Base + Class of Service).
What happens if I am not able to maintain my Elite Tier status?
If you are unable to maintain your current tier status you will be downgraded to a lower tier. For example, a Sapphire Tier member will move down to the Emerald Tier, and a Diamond Tier member will move down to the Sapphire Tier.
How can I request an Award Flight?
Log in to the Member's Area and click on Redemption to request an award flight. You can also contact us at 111-786-786, or e-mail us at for further details.
How can I find out how many A+ Miles are required for various destinations?
Flight Awards and Redemption levels required can be viewed by origin and destination - simply click the Mileage Calculator on the Awards +Plus Website. You can also call us, round-the-clock, at 111-786-786.
If I don't have enough A+ Miles for a Flight Award, can I pay cash to make up for the shortfall?
Yes. You can purchase A+ Miles in Pakistani Rupees (domestic members) or US Dollars (international members) to cover a flight award booking shortfall. However, members must have at least 50% of the A+ Miles required for redemption in their account to avail this facility
Can I upgrade my PIA flight class using A+ Miles?
Yes. You can upgrade your class of traveling on a PIA flight using A+ Miles.
Can I apply for a 'family' Frequent Flyer membership?
Awards +Plus Memberships are for individuals. Fights and other transactions undertaken by a member can only be credited to the member's account. However, individual members can use their A+ Miles to purchase flight/other awards for eligible family members. To avail this facility, a member must have at least 50% of the A+ Miles required for the award in his or her account before a redemption request can be processed.
What is the validity of the Authority of the Award issued against my redeemed Air miles?
The validity of award authority will be of 15 days from the date of issuance.
How can I re-validate the expired authority? Are there any applicable charges?
Kindly provide your expired authority number (e.g khirlpk____________) while submitting your request through online support from our website or email us at

1,000 Air miles as authority re-validation charges shall be applicable. Alternatively, you can also pay the same in the amount of PKR 1,500 with in Pakistan or USD $ 25 outside Pakistan.
Earning A+ Miles
Can I earn A+ Miles for traveling on an Award Flight?
No. Award Flights booked through redemption of A+ Miles are not eligible for further point accrual.
If I pay for another person's ticket, can I earn A+ Miles for that flight?
You can only earn A+ Miles on flights that you travel on yourself.
Does a child fare earn the same A+ Miles as an adult fare?
Children under the age of 12 are not eligible for an Awards +Plus Membership and cannot earn A+ Miles.
I did not use the return trip of my ticket and it has now expired. Why haven't I received any A+ Miles?
Awards and tickets are non-refundable on expired tickets. However, dormant A+ Miles that have not expired can be retrieved by members upon request, against a penalty payable in A+ Miles (as set out in the Schedule of Fees and Charges in Terms and Conditions). For further details, please call us at 111-786-786.
What should I do if my account does not reflect earned A+Miles?
Any discrepancies in your account must be brought to the attention of the PIA Contact Center within 6 months of the applicable flight or transaction. Original boarding passes, and copies of used tickets should be sent to the PIA Frequent Flyer contact center. Alternatively, you can fill the online Missing A+ Miles Form on the Awards +Plus Website.
Can I claim credit for flights that I have traveled on before becoming an Awards +Plus Member?
No, you cannot claim A+ Miles against flights undertaken prior to becoming an Awards +Plus Member.
How do I check my A+ Miles balance?
Log in to the Awards +Plus Website using your Membership Number and Password, and click on Your Account. Your balance will appear at the top of the page along with your name. You can also send a text message, "APP your FFP no." from your mobile phone to 161 for an instant balance inquiry.
Can I earn A+ Miles when traveling on a discounted ticket?
A+ Miles will not be credited when you travel on Special Hajj Flights, free tickets, including tickets issued as Flight Awards or rewards, or travel industry rebated tickets such as AD75, ID50, ID75 etc.
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