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The Awards +Plus Program
The A+ Program comes packed with special features, designed to facilitate your frequent flyer membership.
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  • You can earn and redeem A+ miles not just by flying PIA, but also by using the products and services of our partners.
  • If you fall short of A+ Miles when redeeming an award, you can top-up your balance by purchasing A+ Miles to meet the deficit. Terms & Conditions Apply
  • You can conveniently check your A+ Miles status at any time online or by calling 111-786-786.
  • You can instantly redeem A+ Miles,check your balance as well as purchase A+ Miles for redemption from any PIA Booking office,Airport check-in counter & PIA ticketing counter at the Airport.
  • You can now redeem A+ Miles by simply calling 111-786-786 or click redemption request for online redemption of your A+ Miles.
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