Travel Guarantee Fund Insurance for Private/Leisure Passengers

Danish Law gives private/leisure passengers the opportunity to buy Travel Guarantee Fund Cover. The cover applies if the airline fails to operate due to financial difficulties. The coverage only applies for online reservations (for private/leisure passengers) made in Denmark with commencement of travel from Denmark. The insurance cover must be purchased within 24 hours of ticket purchase.

Insurance Purchase

If a passenger desires to make insurance cover purchase as stated above against loss of online ticket price in the event of airline’s  bankruptcy, he/she will be required to pay DKK 20/- per passenger to below bank account. Reference to reservation code may be made while making the payment.

Bank details:

Danske Bank – Copenhangen Denmark.

Bank Account # 4575 211798

Sort Code: 4180


When payment is done, passengers are requested to fill in the form appended below for each traveler and email it to us at following addresses:





*please attach copy of bank receipt with your email message.



Customer Information


Ticket Information

*Title: (Mr/Mrs/Ms)



*Reservation Code

*First Name



*Ticket Number

Middle Name



*Cell Phone

*Last Name



*Payment date

*Email Address ( For Confirmation Copy)




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